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Careers In Utilities is the premier talent platform that matches talented professionals with rewarding and fulfilling careers in the utilities sector. Further, we market the utilities sector, and specifically the great career opportunities in utilities, to students and professionals whose skills match well with opportunities in the utilities sector. 

It is our mission to ensure that utility professionals have fulfilling careers by providing them access to amazing utility opportunities, utility companies have the most qualified workforce to achieve their goals by providing them a platform to market their opportunities to utility professionals, and the utilities industry has the workforce and talent pipeline for us to continue to positively impact the world.

Careers in Utilities was created and developed by utility sector professionals who understand the unique needs of utility employers, and job seekers. From civil engineers to pipeline welders, lineworkers to wastewater operators and beyond, Careers in Utilities is your address on the Internet for career growth and opportunity in the utilities sector. Whether you are looking for "utility jobs near me" or utility jobs across the country. Careers in utilities is your key resource to unlock your next opportunity. 

Careers In Utilities provides access to utilities sector job opportunities to prospective candidates without charge. Company profiles and links to employer home pages help candidates to further evaluate job listings selected on the basis of location, job classification, requirements, salary and other search criteria. 

For employers, Careers in Utilities is the most targeted recruiting platform for the utilities sector. This means better candidates and quicker hires. Job search tailoring can help to insure qualified candidates are suitably matched to companies on the basis of many of the dimensions both employers and job seekers have identified as essential for success. Further, we target our marketing, and your job openings, not only to current utilities sector professionals, but to students and professionals currently working outside the utilities sector. 

Combine that with our affordable job posting packages, and you have the best solution for your utility hiring needs.