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10 Reasons Military Veterans and Spouses should work in the Utility industry

10 Reasons Military Veterans and Spouses should work in the Utility industry

Military Veterans, Military Spouses, and the Utility Industry

The utility industry is a great career field for military veterans and military spouses. Transitioning veterans have the drive, discipline, and teamwork skills that make them ideal candidates for careers in the utility industry.

In this blog post, we'll discuss some of the reasons why the utility industry is a great choice for veterans and offers some of the best jobs for veterans and military spouses. We'll also highlight some of the opportunities available in this growing sector.

So if you're a military veteran or military spouse on your job search looking for a rewarding career, in a stable, high-paying industry read on!

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The Utility Industry and Military Veterans

The utility industry is a great place for military veterans and military spouses due to many reasons. Here are 10 of them:

1. The utility industry offers a wide variety of jobs, from engineering to customer service.

This means that veterans have a good chance of finding a job that matches their skills and interests. In the electric utility industry, military veterans can be seen performing lineworker and system operator roles. In the water utility industry, military veterans can be seen performing water treatment roles, as examples.

2. The utility industry is constantly growing, which means there are always new opportunities for veterans to explore.

Especially with the advancement in technology utility employees will be required to learn, adapt, and grow quickly. Attributes that military veterans possess in droves.

The utility industry is in the process of a massive shift globally. The growth of "smart cities," renewable energy, changing customer expectations, digital and technological adoption and change, and a transitioning workforce means opportunities for those with military experience and military service to provide a great impact on the future of their communities, and our country in the same way they did during their military service.

3. The utility industry offers very competitive salaries and benefits packages across all job and career levels, which can help veterans support their families after transitioning to civilian life.

The utility industry offers many high paying jobs. The average salary in the utility industry is approximately $80,000. This number can increase substantially for some jobs where overtime is steadily available. Over the next decade (plus) the utility industry and its wages are expected to increase as major, long-term projects (i.e. grid modernization) will require more workers, more hours, and increased skillsets and knowledge.

The high-speed nature and complexity of the business, as well as the ability to adapt, are skills that are uniquely suited for those with military service and military spouses to possess.

4. The utility industry is a stable industry, which means veterans can count on it to be around for the long haul.

Think about it, unless society no longer needs electricity, water, and gas, you will always find employment with the skills and knowledge you gain by working in the utility industry. When was the last time you heard a utility company performing mass layoffs?

Due to the critical work they perform, utilities are not greatly impacted by the economy to the point they would need to perform mass layoffs. Further, because of the knowledge and skills gained in the utility industry, utility professionals are also indispensable. The stability of the industry your employer is in should always be one of the main items you look at during a job search.

5. The utility industry is constantly evolving, which means veterans have the opportunity to learn new skills and grow their careers.

Few industries offer as many opportunities for employees to grow and advance their careers in multiple areas as the utility industry. You can start your career in field operations, transition to metering, training and development, or even corporate support roles.

Added to that are great benefits packages from utility companies. In most cases, these packages include utility companies paying for their employees to obtain a college degree and certifications to enhance their knowledge and skills.

6. The utility industry is supportive of military veterans and often provides resources and training opportunities to help them transition to civilian life.

The training that utility professionals are provided is second to none. Whether you are working for an electric utility, gas, water, telecom, or an associated organization, you will be provided excellent training.

Thus, when you are transferring into civilian life and the utility industry rest assured you will be provided all the knowledge and tools you will need to succeed in your job. There are many apprenticeship programs that utilities offer, and continued training and development throughout your career.

7. The utility industry is an international industry, which means veterans have the opportunity to work in locations all over the country and the world.

The utility industry is a necessity no matter where you live inside the country or around the world. Inside the United States lineworkers, water operators, utility locators (to name a few) and those with electrical grid, gas operations, and water operations knowledge are in great demand.

In the utility industry, you are not limited from a geographic standpoint of where you want to live to have a stable and high-paying job and career. This can be enticing to those with military experience who may like to move around before they find a place to settle in. Just one other reason the utility industry offers the best jobs for veterans.

8. The utility industry is a great place to build a career, with many opportunities for advancement over time.

The utility industry offers many great opportunities for military personnel or those with military experience to find stable, well-paying careers. The industry is complex, high-speed, and constantly evolving, which means there are always new skills to learn and new ways to grow your career. In addition, the utility industry is international in scope, so veterans have the opportunity to work anywhere in the country, and even the world.

Further, perhaps no other industry values the knowledge you learn on-the-job more than the utility industry. Have you ever heard of someone majoring in utilities? No. That is because you can learn specific technical skills in the classroom, but to truly understand and grow in the industry you must work in the industry. Once you do that, combined with technical skills developed in the classroom or on the job, you can write your ticket.

9. The utility industry offers a sense of community, and veterans often feel welcomed and supported by their colleagues.

You will find the collective pride utility employees have in powering and supporting their communities is a galvanizing feeling that brings everyone together.

Whether you are working on an electrical line, replacing a utility pole, a wastewater treatment project, or putting in pipes for natural gas delivery, the camaraderie in the utility profession is second to none in civilian industries.

10. The utility industry is a great place for veterans to find stability and camaraderie after leaving the military.

The utility industry is a great place for former service members. The military provides training in many of the skills that are required to work in the utility industry, such as mechanical and electrical maintenance, operations, and security.

In addition, military veterans or those with military experience often have experience working in team environments and can handle stress well. As a result, they are often well-suited for a civilian career in the utility industry.

Moreover, many utility companies offer programs specifically designed to help military personnel and military spouses transition into civilian jobs. These programs can provide valuable support and resources that can help military veterans succeed in their new careers.

Best Jobs for Veterans in the Utility Industry

There are many great job and career opportunities for service members or members of the armed forces where their military skills are an advantage and would be utilized immediately.

Similar to other employees veterans would need to learn the technical aspects of any job and the company culture. However, once this is obtained and added to their military skills, the sky is the limit for their career in utilities.

Some of the best jobs veterans have held in the utility industry are:

  • Jobs that offer legal or financial advice to utilities

These are just a few of the positions in the utility industry where the military skills obtained by veterans are highly valuable and sought after.

Utility Companies are Hiring Veterans

Consequently, the utility industry offers some of the best jobs for veterans and their spouses and is an excellent place for military veterans and military spouses to consider when they are conducting their job search and looking for civilian employment or a civilian career.

Moreover, the utility industry has been an industry that often will hire veterans after their military careers, and continues to be a place that is actively recruiting and hiring veterans. If you are looking for civilian jobs and want to look for career opportunities in the utility industry, you can find them here Careers in Utilities!