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5 Common Interview Mistakes | Careers in Utilities

5 Common Interview Mistakes  | Careers in Utilities

When you're interviewing for an exciting new job, it can be easy to lose yourself in the moment and make some common mistakes.

Here we've listed five of the most common interview mistakes and how to avoid them:

1) The "One-Breath" Answer: This occurs when you ramble on about your life story or your qualifications without pause. You want to walk the line between brevity and verbosity, so answer questions succinctly without rushing. Avoid one-word answers though; give more expansive responses where appropriate.

2) The Lack of Preparation:  You cannot adequately prepare for interviews unless you know what they will ask beforehand. Some companies may send out interviews via email several days ahead of time, but others may not. So you should always be prepared to answer general interview questions in any situation.

3) The "Canned" Response:  Companies expect interviews to follow a certain pattern, so don't deviate from it or give canned answers in an attempt to impress them. Providing genuine and honest answers is always best.

4) The False Promise:  Some candidates promise employers the moon without doing their homework first about the position they are interviewing for or indeed even what company they are speaking with. You can avoid this mistake by taking the time to know about the role and how your skills match up before going into interviews.

5) The Interviewer Anger Trap:  Employers often set traps designed to assess how you handle pressure. For example, they may try to annoy you by doing things like playing loud music or making you wait for 20 minutes before a meeting starts. Try your best to remain professional and do not get annoyed back under any circumstances.

In addition, it is important to be on time, dress appropriately, and make eye contact with the interviewer when giving answers. You can also avoid these interview mistakes by practicing interviews beforehand with friends or family members who will give constructive feedback about your answers and body language.

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