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5 Resume Tips - March 2022 | Careers in Utilities

5 Resume Tips - March 2022 | Careers in Utilities

Your resume is one of the most important documents you will craft in your lifetime. It has the potential to change your life because it is usually the initial introduction you have to the company or job of your dreams. Thus, you must take the time to develop and create this document seriously. Further, due to advancements in technology, it has never been easier for people to apply for hundreds of jobs. More applicants of course has led to an increase in competition for jobs in the labor market. So, how do you stand out from the crowd? In this video, I will provide you with 5 tips to help you begin to do just that.

Here are five resume tips that will help improve your resume:

  • Have a Master Resume - When talking to clients I tell them to always have a Master resume. This is the resume is your personal resume template that other resumes will be based on. You will see the importance of this when we get to the other tips. However, in general, if you will be applying to numerous jobs that will likely have different requirements and qualifications, using a master resume will make it easier for you to in essence "plug and play" your resume to tailor it to that specific job application.


  • Tailor Your Resume - This means not only tailoring your resume to the job or company you are applying for, but also tailoring it to the particular position. For example, if your resume is for a mid-level marketing position and you are applying to perhaps 20 different companies, then each resume should be customized towards that specific company. If the company you are applying for is a tech start-up with 10 employees from San Francisco, then your resume should have words/phrases that indicate how you are tech-savvy and enjoy living in the city. This will show that you have done your homework on the company and that you are targeting them specifically. This is why having a Master Resume is critical because it will expedite the process of tailoring your resume for each specific job application. Do not recreate the wheel in resume writing.


  • Do Not Put Everything on Your Resume - Your resume should not have every work experience you’ve ever had listed on it. Think of your resume not as a comprehensive list of your career history, but as a marketing document selling you as the perfect person for the job. Remember your goal for a resume is to get an interview. That means it must pass through an ATS system and a recruiters or hiring managers eyeball test. They know what they are looking for and if they can't find it quickly they will move on. You only want to include, and have them easy to find, experiences and accomplishments that are relevant to the specific job you are applying for.


  • Include a Summary Section - This is an important resume tip because it allows you to summarize your resume in one or two sentences. That way, when a resume screener is glancing over it, they don't have to read through every single resume point you have made. Instead, they can quickly determine if you are qualified for the job using your resume summary resume sections you will include. Further, this is where you can place terms that will give you a higher chance of breaking past the Applicant Tracking System (ATS).


  • Emphasize Your Accomplishments - Employers, recruiters, and hiring managers are interested in the resume achievements you have. So many times people simply put what they have done in the form of tasks, and do not emphasize what those tasks accomplished. So no matter what job or career path you follow, be sure to include your accomplishments because this is where you will truly shine.

These are just 5 resume tips of many that you should utilize throughout your career. Even if you are not currently pursuing employment opportunities, it is important that you maintain an update and accurate resume.  Always remember when it comes to your don't have to get ready if you stay stay ready!