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Gas Utility Industry Overview | Careers in Utilities

Gas Utility Industry Overview | Careers in Utilities

The gas utility industry is made up of the products and services supplied by gas utilities. Gas utilities provide services linked to the transmission and distribution (T&D), and delivery of natural gas. Gas is delivered to residential, commercial, and industrial consumers at rates determined by state laws (also called customer classifications). The energy sector has grown in size with deregulation, allowing many smaller private utilities to thrive and consolidate. Many smaller, private utilities have been deregulated as a result of deregulation.

The components within the T&D pipeline are fitted with valves, meters, and integrated control systems (i.e. SCADA systems). Knowledge of these systems is one of the reasons professionals in utilities can garner high salaries/wages. Within the United States (continental), there are more than two million miles of utility-owned natural gas pipelines. These require continuous maintenance, and thus require significant financial expenditures by utilities.

Regulation compliance must be adhered to with such things as: leak detection equipment, safety programs, and safeguards against explosions and other accidents. Often, the financial resources required to meet these expenses can cost ratepayers more than the natural gas itself.

Career Opportunities

The gas utility industry is a great place to work with many different, exciting, and challenging career paths. With the growth of gas infrastructure across North America, there are many job opportunities for those looking to enter the gas utility industry.

So what does this all mean for you? If you're interested in a stable career with plenty of opportunity for growth, then gas utilities may be the perfect fit for you! There are many different jobs available within gas utilities, so no matter what your background or experience may be, there's likely a position that's right for you. So if you're looking for an interesting and challenging career, take a closer look at the gas utility industry! You won't be disappointed.