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Professional Reference Tips | Careers in Utilities

Professional Reference Tips  | Careers in Utilities

Many times job applicants don’t put enough thought into which professional references they will use during the hiring process. However, when things move forward, the hiring manager might usually will want to speak to your references. Therefore, it is very important to think about this part of the hiring process sooner rather than later.

References matter a lot in the hiring process. Think of it as providing a witness for your skills and abilities. The hiring manager often contacts the references to know the potential of the candidates and what have they done in the past. So, if you want to succeed in this step, put a little effort into deciding your references and using them. Here are some tips to help:

Selecting the References

For each position you apply for, there are different skill sets required. Choose the references according to the demand of the situation. If you are applying for a managerial position, choose someone who can talk about your ability and/or experience managing and how you lead teams or individuals. Similarly, if you are applying for a non-managerial role, make sure you have chosen someone who can speak highly about your work ethic and value on a team. The reference does not need to be a former boss, it can be your mentor, a college professor, a senior co-worker, etc.

Ask for Permission

Before putting in the details of the reference in your resume, you must check in with them first. Contact them and ask them if you can put them on the list. Not every person is comfortable and okay with giving their contact information for a recommendation. So, asking is a professional way of doing it.

Coach them

Though your references have worked with you in some capacity, and they are aware of what you have accomplished and your skill set,  it is best practice to coach them for the reference part. Hand them your resume and portfolio, discuss with them the accomplishments and achievements through your job experience. Make sure that they are on the same page as you.

Keep Them Informed

Not everyone is ready with all the information whenever they receive the call. It is better to inform them about your active job search or contact with a recruiter and/or company.  This is important so they can know that they can receive a call any time. It will make them mentally prepared to provide the appropriate information in the appropriate manner.

Thank Them

This is not the first or last time you may need them or have been in contact with them. So, be professional and maintain a good relationship while being thankful for what they have done is a reference for your job search/application process. You can thank them with a note or meet them personally, this also nourishes professional relationships.

If you want to achieve the position you longed for, be ready in every way. Maintaining the list of potential references and working with them is the basic part of being ready for the hiring process. Follow the above tips and get the job that you have always wanted!