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Tips for a Great LinkedIn Profile | Careers in Utilities

Tips for a Great LinkedIn Profile | Careers in Utilities

Maintaining an online presence on LinkedIn is critical for having a successful career. especially in the utilities industry which historically tends to be more siloed from an employment perspective. It's not only a good method to network with people in your industry, but it may also help you get attention from others and lead to several employment opportunities. Below are a few tips that will help you create a great LinkedIn profile.

  • Upload your photo - Upload an excellent profile photograph. Jane Deehan, a Senior Content Marketing Manager at LinkedIn, advises that your profile photograph should be recent, resemble you, and that it should take up 60 percent of the overall space. The objective is to appear like you typically look at work, allowing potential contacts who have only met you digitally to recognize you from your photo


  • Create a great headline - Your headline might also contribute to your profile's impact. While job titles are often described in a few lines, you can go further by describing your present position, what it means to you, or what you've accomplished.


  • Enhance your profile with additional sections - LinkedIn advises that including supplementary information (such as accomplishments, skills, volunteer experience, certificates, and expertise) might improve the number of times people look at your profile. This can aid you in growing your network and discovering new possibilities.


  • Elaborate on your work history in the “Experience” section - Include the keywords and information that will help your audience find out more about you, and be clear and specific about your accomplishments. However, please do not lie about job titles or responsibilities might lead to awkward situations — and you'll almost certainly be exposed by past coworkers.


  • Share relevant content - Profiles are not isolated entities. As a result, it's worth including relevant content, such as your own or industry influencer opinion pieces, on your profile page. If potential connections find and click through on high-quality material from your profile, they're more likely to return.


  • Customize your “Skills & Endorsements” section - A relevant list of abilities on your profile allows people in your network to endorse you. (The most endorsed skills will be displayed first). This will also assist others discover your talents and match you with the appropriate opportunities.


  • Include recommendations - Endorsements on your LinkedIn profile are fine, but recommendations go above and beyond by describing the hours you've spent together, projects you've completed or skills you've acquired as a team. Consider getting recommendations from close connections for items that fit into your current position—or next career objective.