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Utility Jobs in Florida (FL)

Utility Jobs in Florida (FL)

In Florida the utilities sector employs over 45,000 people in a variety of positions including customer service representatives, linemen, engineers, and accounting/finance professionals.

Electric power, natural gas, steam supply, water supply, and sewage removal are all utility services provided by the Florida utilities industry.

Within this area, utility services provided entail various activities depending on the utility: electric power generation, transmission, and distribution; natural gas distribution; steam supply provision and/or distribution; water supply treatment and distribution; sewage removal collection, treatment, and disposal of waste through sewer systems and sewage treatment facilities are all examples of wastewater management.

Florida ia utility investments are increasing from those numbers and thus Florida utility companies are looking to hire individuals at all levels and with varied skill sets to propel them into the future. If you are looking for utility jobs in Florida or near you, they can be found below:

Due to large investments to update the electric grid, utilize renewable energy resources, ensure water pollution and water availability is secure for the future, and rapid technological advancements have placed utilities in a position where obtaining talented professionals is vital to the future of not only the utility industry, but the future of the country. 

The Utilities industry is critical to the daily lives of Floridians as it provides the power needed to run our homes and businesses, the water we drink and bathe in, and the waste management services that keep our communities clean. These utility services are provided by a variety of companies and organizations ranging from small local municipalities to large investor-owned utilities including:

  • Florida Power & Light
  • Tampa Electric Co.
  • Gulf Power Co.
  • Liberty Power
  • Florida Public Utilities Co.
  • JEA

The Utilities industry is regulated by state and federal agencies to ensure that consumers receive safe and reliable service at reasonable rates. The Florida Public Service Commission is the primary regulatory agency for investor-owned electric, water, and sewer utilities in Florida. The Commission is responsible for setting rates and ensuring that utilities meet their service obligations. The Florida Department of Environmental Protection regulates municipal solid waste disposal facilities and public drinking water systems.

In recent years, the Utilities industry has undergone significant changes due to advances in technology, regulation, and market forces. For example, the proliferation of rooftop solar panels and other distributed generation resources has led to a decline in demand for traditional utility services , such as electricity generation, transmission, and distribution. In response, utilities have been investing in new technologies, such as smart grid and energy storage systems, to modernize the electric grid and make it more efficient. They have also been working to develop new revenue streams by offering customers new services, such as energy efficiency programs and electric vehicle charging stations.

The Utilities industry is a vital part of Florida’s economy, providing essential services that keep our homes and businesses running. Despite challenges posed by new technologies and market forces, the industry is well-positioned to continue meeting the needs of Floridians for years to come.