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Utility jobs in Michigan (MI)

Utility jobs in Michigan (MI)

Electric power, natural gas, steam supply, water supply, and sewage removal are all utility services provided by the Utility industry.

Within this area, utility services provided entail various activities depending on the utility: electric power generation, transmission, and distribution; natural gas distribution; steam supply provision and/or distribution; water supply treatment and distribution; sewage removal collection, treatment, and disposal of waste through sewer systems and sewage treatment facilities are all examples of wastewater management.

The Michigan utilities industry is one of, if not the most, stable industry for employment. Further, the industry pays higher on average than almost every other industry in the United States.  That, coupled with the impact utility workers have on their communities, is why it is one of the best industries to work in.  

In Michigan, the utility sector employs over 43,000 people and provides service to over 10 million customers. Check below for utility jobs in Michigan:

The Michigan electric power generation sub-sector includes establishments primarily engaged in generating electric energy from fossil fuels, nuclear energy, hydroelectric energy, solar energy, wind energy, and other renewable sources. This sub-sector also includes establishments that provide support activities for the generation of electricity; such as fuel extraction, transmission, distribution, and wholesale trading. Check below for electric utility jobs in Michigan:

Some of the largest utility electric utility companies in MI are:

The Michigan natural gas sub-sector is composed of establishments primarily engaged in the distribution of natural gas to residential, commercial, and industrial customers. This sub-sector also includes natural gas storage facilities. Check below for gas utility jobs in Michigan:

The Michigan water supply sub-sector includes establishments that are responsible for the treatment and distribution of water to residential, commercial, and industrial customers. Check below for water utility jobs in Michigan:

The Utility industry as a whole is critical to the functioning of modern society. Utilities provide essential services that are necessary for everyday life. The utility sector employs a large number of people and provides service to a vast customer base. 

Due to large investments in Michigan to update the electric grid, utilize renewable energy resources, ensure water pollution and water availability is secure for the future, and rapid technological advancements have placed utilities in a position where obtaining talented professionals is vital to the future of not only the utility industry, but the future of the country.