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Virtual Interview Tips

Virtual Interview Tips

5 Tips for Virtual Interviews

As technology is evolving, the recruitment market is also changing. Nowadays, the biggest stress for the candidates is no longer just getting the interview, but how to pass a virtual interview. Most companies began conducting virtual interviews as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic as the safest option. However, as it has been found to be not only safe, but efficient and effective in a lot of cases, the virtual interview is probably here to stay. Thus, it is important for candidates to be prepared for this new reality.

But, not to worry, you can easily ace a virtual interview if you follow some tips. Though these interviews ensure that you are not physically present in the same room as the interviewer, but you need to be prepared as much as you would have done if you were in that room. So, here are some of the tips to follow to ace a virtual interview:


Yes, attire is still important. Though you are not present in the same room as the interviewer, you will still be on the video call and your presentation is just as important. Rather than dressing casually as you would at home, give some time select the correct outfit for the interview. The proper attire can differ from casual to formal based on the culture of the company you are interviewing for (ask your recruiter or contact if you are unsure). However, the best advice when you do not know what the appropriate attire is would be that being dressed is always better than under-dressed. This shows that you value their company and this opportunity and you are taking the opportunity seriously.

Body Language

When you are in a room with the interviewer you are very much concerned about your gestures and body language. The value of body language doubles when you are on a virtual interview. All they have is your body language, appearance, and words to judge you. So, make that count, practice the correct body language before the interview, and don’t take it easy. It is easier to become disengaged during any virtual interaction, including interviews. Thus, be cognizant during the interview that your body language is communicating that you are confident and engaged.

Internet Connection

From working on the software or platform you are using to the internet connection you have, you need to make sure that these things are working fine. It gives a very bad impression if your call cuts in in-between the interview because of some technical error at your side. If this is a bad day for the interview, you can reschedule it, but never compromise on the quality of the technology as it will be interpreted as a possible negative on your candidacy for the position. It is a good idea to test all of the technology you will utilize during the interview a few days beforehand. Therefore, if there are any issues you can fix them.

No Interference

Switch off your mobile phones and other gadgets, if you have any in the surroundings. Choose a quiet place in the area you will have the interview with a good background and ask your other family members (if any) not to disturb you during the interview. Additionally, if you have some disturbance in the surrounding that is inevitable, such as construction in the neighborhood, you can tell the interviewers beforehand.


Yes, virtual interviews also require practice. Practice some of the most basic questions such as “Why are you leaving your current job”? “What are your good or bad qualities”? “Do you have any questions”? etc. You need to be prepared with reasonable answers and questions similar to those you would during an in-person interview. Also, research the company so that you can ask questions about them as well. It shows your interest and passion. Lastly, practice speaking utilizing the technology that will be used during the interview. In many cases your voice tone and strength will be impacted based on the technology that will be used during the interview.

While practicing for a virtual interview, you must know that these interviews are similar to the traditional ones in many ways. Don’t ever take these interviews lightly, instead, be prepared for them.

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