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What is a water engineer? | Careers in Utilities

What is a water engineer? | Careers in Utilities

Water engineers are responsible for designing systems which include preparing feasibility studies and detailed designs reports while also managing the construction project from start to finish ensuring that it is completed safely on time within budget. Those who work in the water engineering sector are normally skilled in conventional engineering and construction techniques and have an understanding of the water business and environmental concerns.

There are many job options available, with lots of prospects in this area, and responsibilities generally vary from project to project. Water engineers study a variety of disciplines including as water treatment, water infrastructure, and water resources. They work to protect water resources and water supplies, manage wastewater, and ensure that water-related projects are completed safely, on time, and within budget. Click below for water engineer jobs:

Water engineer jobs

Water engineers may also specialize in a particular area such as:

- coastal engineering

- environmental engineering

- hydraulic engineering

- irrigation engineering

- sanitary engineering

- stormwater management

There are many different areas of water engineering that you can specialize in. You can become a water engineer by studying any number of disciplines which include water treatment, water infrastructure or water resources.

They study various disciplines including as water resources management, hydrology, hydraulics, geotechnical engineering, wastewater treatment process design/operations etc. Different job titles for water engineers include project manager, design engineer, construction manager and senior engineer.

Responsibilities generally vary from project to project but commonly include designing systems; preparing feasibility studies and detailed design reports; managing water supply and distribution systems for water utilities; water treatment plant maintenance and operations; water quality sampling, monitoring and reporting.

If you are already or looking for career opportunities for water engineers websites such as are a great place to look!