Distribution Engineer - Job Description (Sample)

Job Summary:

The Distribution Engineer is responsible for the cost-effective conceptual and engineering solutions to upgrade, expand, maintain and automate overhead and underground power distribution systems for our utility clients using various software systems and construction standards also ensures compliance with client procedures, design standards, state and federal regulatory requirements, and safety code requirements. 

The Distribution Engineer works closely with engineers performing substation, transmission, renewable energy, power storage, and communication design.


  • Primary responsibilities include performing technical system studies, developing and preparing distribution line designs, planning design, construction sequences, and developing new work through existing relationships. Responsibilities will include the following at a minimum:
  • Perform system expansion and improvement projects, system protection and coordination, reactive compensation, voltage analyses, distributed generation and renewable interconnections, power quality studies, and system contingency scenarios.
  • Accurately develop and maintain complex computer models of the electric delivery system that are used to simulate the operation of the electric delivery system.
  • Perform power flow studies using CYME or equivalent software including creating and maintaining underlying databases.
  • Prepare cost-effective system expansion plans using good engineering practices.
  • Effectively communicate detailed documentation and plans of a complex design with other workgroups.
  • Effectively manage a significant number of projects while maintaining work product quality, consistency, accuracy, and reliability.
  • Incorporate employee and public safety as a priority into the design and operation of all projects.
  • Develop new processes and tools that benefit the group in the analysis of the electric system and multiple large data sets of historical operating conditions.
  • Apply analysis to identify the best solution to a technical problem and effectively communicate and commit to a course of action that is consistent with all legal, regulatory, code, standard, or other requirements as well as corporate policies and procedures.
  • Develop the next-generation distribution automation designs in close coordination with our clients.
  • Work independently and train and coach newer less experienced engineers.


  • Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering
  • EIT with the ability to become registered PE
  • (X) years of applicable electric utility experience
  • Technical decision making, good interpersonal skills, organization skills, and effective oral and written communication skills
  • Possess current knowledge of electric utility rules, and technical, administrative, and regulatory requirements for the reliable, safe operation of the system.
  • High-level proficiency in Microsoft Office software including PowerPoint, Word, and Excel
  • Distribution planning work experience preferred.

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