Field Engineer (Gas) - Job Description (Sample)

Job Summary:

Evaluate, design, and estimate natural gas distribution facilities for new business, public and system improvement, and maintenance projects according to company standards and other applicable guidelines and codes. Natural gas distribution facilities may consist of main lines, service lines, and measurement & regulation equipment. The Engineer will provide technical assistance and support for Construction and Field Operations staff involved in the construction, operation, and maintenance of distribution facilities. Collaborate and coordinate efforts with key stakeholders on large distribution projects. 


  • Evaluate, design, and estimate natural gas distribution facilities
  • Prepare permit applications and easement requests
  • Prepare detailed drawings
  • Compile capital work order / job order packets
  • Prepare budget estimates
  • Report on project variances
  • Support Operations employees in emergency situations
  • Provide training and guidance to new personnel
  • Act as liaison to state, county, and local government officials
  • Conduct winter preparedness reviews
  • Assist in contract bid documentation
  • Maintain MAOP documentation
  • Ensure safe and reliable delivery of energy services at best cost
  • Meet or exceed internal/external customer expectations
  • Actual project costs are within 10% of estimated costs
  • Safe/efficient high quality engineering designs that comply with policies, practices, standards, and applicable codes
  • Productivity and performance results that meet or exceed expectations
  • Timely delivery of all facility designs
  • Consistent communication with key stakeholders and business partners
  • Ensure post and pre winter operation system reviews are held


  • Bachelor's degree (by May 2022) in engineering from a 4 year ABET (Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology) accredited program.
  • Obtain EIT Certification within 2 years of hire date

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