Pipe Layer - Job Description (Sample)

Job Summary

Responsible for various construction, operation, and maintenance functions.


  • Performs the work of Laborer - Gas Distribution Department.
  • Performs elementary pipe fitting.
  • Lays pipe, heat fuses joints and installs couplings.
  • Installs anodes and test stations. Prepares joints and installs clamps.
  • Assists in cathodic protection surveys.
  • Installs leak clamps.


  • One year's experience as a Laborer and demonstration of suitable proficiency in that classification is required.
  • Must have demonstrated satisfactory aptitude and learning ability for the duties of gas distribution construction, operation, and maintenance.
  • Must have and keep a (State) driver's license.
  • Must have a sturdy physique and the stamina to work outdoors under extreme weather conditions.
  • Must have a temperament and personality which enable the employee to work as a member of a crew or work team.
  • Must be reasonably available for overtime and emergency work assignments.
  • Must have learned and practiced all safety rules which apply to the work, including the use of all special protective equipment used in this type of work.

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