Project Engineer (Water) - Job Description (Sample)

Job Summary

Provide engineering and project management toward the completion of capital construction projects, engineering studies and reports, and capital planning and budgeting.


  • Conduct hydraulic studies using software modeling programs such as KYPipe 2010 and InfoWater. These studies will include analyzing the impacts of proposed projects and operational changes over both short- and long-term periods, and in both isolated and system-wide scenarios. In addition to predictive applications, the hydraulic modeling will be used to troubleshoot problems in the distribution system.

  • Develop and refine preliminary project scope, schedule, and budget to ensure enough resources are available to accomplish the project. Recommend potential changes to the scope and schedule to maintain project within the limits of the available resources.

  • Coordinate planning and completion of projects internally with operations/maintenance and planning, and externally with utilities, governmental agencies, neighborhoods, and customers to minimize negative impacts and maximize use of limited resources. Coordination shall consider planned paving and road construction, limitations on work hours, existing and planned land use, proposed improvements, and customer concerns.

  • Prepare preliminary, in-progress, and final plans, specifications, and cost estimates for projects, or supervise in-house staff or consultants in the preparation of these documents.

  • Approve final plans as appropriate by stamping Professional Engineering (P.E.) seal and signing plans prepared under your direction, or by providing guidance, direction, and recommendations regarding project plans completed and stamped by other in-house staff under your supervision, or by outside consultants.

  • Provide clear concise contract documents in a timely fashion that incorporate appropriate technical standards, in-house procedures, and policies, while meeting the company procurement requirements and capital project authorization procedures.

  • Manage projects during construction within project budget, negotiate change orders with contractors, and submit Change Actions as appropriate in a timely fashion to adjust the project budget for anticipated changes in scope or conditions. Resolve technical, contractual, and customer service issues in an efficient, cost effective manner, within appropriate budgetary and empowerment levels.

  • Possess a basic knowledge of contracts and agreements to prepare, interpret, and administer these documents when working in conjunction with key stakeholders

  • Maintain professional competency by self education and attendance at seminars, training sessions, and meetings of professional organizations. Maintain in-house competency through attendance at sponsored training opportunities.

  • Perform other duties as assigned.


  • Bachelor’s degree in one of the following engineering disciplines; Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, Chemical or Environmental (or equivalent); and

    Three (3) years’ experience in design and construction, with at least one (1) year experience in the design and construction of water or wastewater facilities or equivalent utility or process facilities; and

    Currently registered and in good standing as a Professional Engineer in the (State) or registered in another state and can obtain registration in (State); or have successfully passed the Professional Engineer’s Exam and awaiting Licensure; and

    Valid driver’s license.

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