Protection and Control Commissioning Engineer - Job Description (Sample)

Job Summary:

Responsible for the coordination of all Apparatus and Relay Testing Activities, Functional Test Activities and Documentation of As-Left/As-Built Station Status (Station Prints and As-Left Relay Settings). Responsibilities include Development of On-Site equipment / Relay Work Orders, Isolation (Cut-Over) Plans, Functional Test Plans, Document Control, CIP Equipment Lists, Bar-Coding, Final Document Uploads (Project Wise), Completion of Project Binder, Equipment Energization lists, Equipment Energization Notifications, and Unintended Incident notification. The Utility Lead P&C Commissioning Engineer serves as a safety net to ensure that any errors introduced by incorrectly engineer design packages or installation are identified and corrected prior to compromising the safety of employees and/or reliability of the T&D System.


  • Provide commissioning oversight of substation installations. Including the development of check-out guides, review and approval of test results, development of equipment energization plans to minimize system risk and final technical approval of equipment prior to release to transmission operations.
  • Develop on-site Coordination of Equipment / Relay Info Orders, Work Plans, Isolation (Cut-Over) plans, Functional Test Plans, Cascade Documents, CIP Equipment lists, Bar-Coding, Final documentation uploads (Project Wise), Complete Project Binder, Equipment Energization lists, Equipment Energization Notifications, and Unintended Incident notifications
  • Identify and resolve design errors.
  • Provide administrative and technical support of field related substation testing and commissioning activities. Plan, perform, coordinate, and supervise on-site testing and commissioning activities (pre-commissioning, field testing, demonstration testing, energization, and post-energization) as required by project scope.
  • Provides field engineering support to the electricians in the wiring of the substation protective relaying and control system, verifying the wiring is full complete per the design drawings.
  • Commissioning Engineer / Start-Up Coordinator is expected to support several capital projects occurring at the same time. Accordingly, they rotate amongst the jobs, keeping abreast of the construction activities, reviewing test results and monitoring the work to anticipate any problems and gauge their level of involvement from a technical support perspective.


  • Bachelor of Science degree from an accredited institution
  • Minimum 5 years of substation or field service engineering experience
  • 10+ years of substation field engineering experience (preferred)
  • Legally authorized to work in the United States without company sponsorship
  • No relocation benefit is being offered for this position. Candidates must reside anywhere within the continental U.S.
  • Level 3/4 NETA or NICET Certified
  • Professional Engineering License

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