Transmission Engineer - Job Description (Sample)

Job Summary: 

Design, analyze, and test systems and transmission lines to generate and transmit energy to customers. May develop designs within an office setting as well as review potential construction sites in the field. 


  • Executing the steps required to identify the root cause and close development testing issues
  • Understand and deliver system internal transmission, driveline, and vehicle level packaging
  • Understand and deliver system NVH analysis – work with internal teams to assess and improve transmission and driveline performance
  • Development and validation of powertrain calibrations for automatic transmission applications Develop and maintain calibration Design Verification Plan and Report (DVP&R.) Assist development of software & control system requirements
  • Transmission Manufacturing Engineering – Assembly/Test Process Engineer Position
  • Lead and support current model production/design problem solving cross-functional teams using the DMAIC process in transmission, axle, driveline component, and associated subsystems to achieve TDE TGW, R/1000, Warranty, CPU, and customer satisfaction metrics
  • Lead and support new product design and problem-solving cross-functional teams using the DCOV process in failure mode avoidance and robust design methods
  • Support and assist TVM cost projects to meet TDE TVM requirements for each region
  • Provide the TDE organization with statistical and problem-solving support including assisting with 6-Sigma TDE training classes
  • Deliver project presentations to senior management on the 6-Sigma team’s progress, accomplishments, conclusions, and lessons learned


  • Bachelor's and Master's Degree in Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Science, Mechanical Engineering, Design, Engineering and Technology, Communication, Technical, Engineering Technology
  • State licensure may be required; applicants must complete four years of work and pass the 2-part examination (EIT & PE)

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