Water Resources Specialist - Job Description (Sample)

Job Summary

Under general direction, manages public information and education efforts, provides project management on assigned activities or issues, responds to citizen inquiries, and coordinates with other local jurisdictions regarding the City's Water Resources Management Program encompassing conservation issues, septic system maintenance, groundwater protection, and drinking water issues and concerns.


  • Quantify water requirements for irrigation and other uses for water adjudications and water use accounting. This work is accomplished through research, site visits, calculations and work with specialists in agriculture and municipal systems.
  • Service requests from County Governments to review subdivision proposals and county subdivision regulations in a timely manner. This is accomplished by reviewing subdivision proposals to determine if they satisfy the requirements of Acts, Regulations, rules and regulations, and rendering a written opinion.
  • Service requests from organizational units in the agency to evaluate water requirements for new appropriation of water and water right transfers. This is accomplished through detailed research and issuance of a written opinion.
  • Evaluate water development plans for compliance with policy, to include a technical review and written assessment of the plan. Evaluate water conservation plans for compliance with policy, to include a technical review and written assessment of the plan; and provide assistance with plan preparation to public water suppliers.
  • Assist with water conservation planning, policy development, water rights permitting requirements, writing, and managing grants, and public outreach. This is accomplished through close communications with various state agencies and regional governments, keeping up with advances in the water use and conservation fields, and responding to public requests.
  • Apply engineering principles in the area of water rights administration.
  • Oversee logistics and support services for all water activity including disposal solutions, pipeline operations, produced water pits, and completions water needs
  • Review reports and statistics on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis to understand trends and change processes to optimize deliverability to completions and disposal operations
  • Plan future capacity requirements based on business needs and strategy
  • Work directly with all departments within (company) as well as vendors and suppliers


  • BA or BS degree in hydrology or related field and 
  • At least 10 years hydrology-related experience in a professional position located in (State), or MA or MS degree in hydrology or related field and at least 5 years in a similar professional position.

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