Water/Wastewater Treatment Plant Mechanic - Job Description (Sample)

Job Summary

Under general supervision, performs the full array of duties assigned to classes in the Wastewater Mechanic series including duties related to the installation, maintenance, repair and construction of wastewater treatment plant and pumping lift stations; demonstrates a full understanding of all applicable policies, procedures and work methods associated with assigned duties; and performs related duties as assigned.


  • Performs a variety of semi-skilled and skilled tasks related to the operation, maintenance, repair and construction of wastewater treatment plant mechanical equipment, lift station pumps, facilities and grounds and other mechanical equipment.
  • Performs scheduled preventative maintenance and troubleshooting activities such as lubricating, adjusting, and aligning lift station pumps, gear drives, generators, low pressure blowers, compressors, air control systems, gas boosters, caustic injection systems, manual and electric valves, digester units, gas and diesel engines, lab equipment, chlorination and dechlorination piping and equipment, ferrous chloride injection systems and other equipment.
  • Designs and fabricates equipment modifications to increase performance and/or decrease equipment failure; designs and fabricates supports, pump bases, railings, gratings covers, guards; performs concrete construction and project design.
  • Performs preventive maintenance and repair on trucks and other moving stock, buildings, safety equipment such as SCBA;
  • Inspects equipment and specifications to determine maintenance needs and schedules.
  • Prepares time and equipment reports and records of work performed; locates and purchases parts and materials needed for repair and maintenance activities.
  • Evaluates equipment failures and determines corrective courses of action; performs emergency repairs in stressful situations.
  • May assist higher-level staff in determining capital improvement program needs as they relate to equipment and maintenance activities.
  • Performs skilled carpentry and plumbing tasks as assigned.
  • Performs gas and arc welding.
  • Inspects and monitors electronic measuring equipment.
  • Responds to questions and concerns from the general public when needed; provides information as is appropriate and resolves complaints.
  • Demonstrates a full understanding of applicable policies, procedures and work methods associated with working in confined spaces, handling biohazards, and working with caustic and hazardous chemicals.
  • Performs housekeeping of plant facilities; provides cost estimates of projects; orders parts and stocks inventory and materials.


  • High School diploma or GED equivalent 
  • Three (3) years skilled in the maintenance and operations of wastewater treatment, collections, water distribution, water treatment and equipment operations experience; OR equivalent combination of education and experience.

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