Water/Wastewater Treatment Plant Systems Technician - Job Description (Sample)

Job Summary

Wastewater Technician (WWT) helps oversee environmental requirements of the facility. The WWT is responsible for running the wastewater treatment system, the waste disposal (including hazardous waste) system and maintaining records. The WWT is also responsible for the checking out of chemicals used in the plant. Help with the titration of process lines and coolant adds in the facility. Complete assigned preventive maintenance and reactive maintenance repairs.


  • Applying knowledge of process control tools to identify additional control and cost saving opportunities
  • The operator has to operate a treatment facility to control the flow and processing of water/wastewater, sludge, and effluent
  • Operate valves and pumps either manually or the Facilities Management System (FMS)
  • Maintain shift logs and records. Complete pre-shift inspection of the plant
  • Collect samples and perform routine analysis of each treatment process to ensure proper treatment is being completed. Treat and process influent wastewater. Operate and maintain Ultra Filtration System, Filter Presses, and Lime Batching Machine. Operate Atomic Absorption Spectrometer and DR 3900.
  • Communicating with wet end operators and supervisors regarding process control issues
  • Serving as relief supervisor to ensure the execution of crew responsibilities
  • Providing support for root cause failure analysis (RCFA) activities
  • Providing support and input to Board Mill Common Cause Team resources for updates to SOPs, Reaction Guides and While Running Guides
  • Participating in the plant safety process by completing risk assessments, safety, and environmental training and housekeeping audits and tasks
  • Adhering to documented reaction guides for troubleshooting situations
  • Preform weekly calibrations on handheld, benchtop, and in line pH meters
  • Must be able to lift 50 lbs., ascend, and descend stairs. Be able to operate Forklift and unload chemicals.


  • Associates degree in chemistry, engineering or related field or relevant work experience as a technician in a manufacturing environment
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office and familiarity using computer systems and programs
  • Demonstrated ability to take measurements, document findings and take appropriate reactions as required
  • Experience in a process manufacturing environment
  • Experience with waste water treatment processes
  • 3+ years of experience as a technician or operator in a manufacturing environment
  • Ability to work a 12 hour shift rotation including nights and weekends and is expected to work as needed during the holiday period

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